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We carry out all creative tasks, from 3D concept drawings to technical design.


4-axis CNC machining, laser cutting and 3D printing (FDM and SLA) with full surface treatment for quality.


We pay attention to even the smallest details, so that the end result will be flawless.

Imagine a world…

…but don’t just dream: put the captain’s cap on your head, pour yourself a drink, breathe in the air of Lake Balaton, the Tisza or the Adriatic and enjoy the scenery from the deck of your brand new STORQUE boat!*


*Of course, we do not limit where you can use your new vehicle. You end up wherever you want!

Sounds good, but how?

If you have an idea, but you don’t know how to make it work, tell us about it, and we’ll put it into shape. No matter how bold the idea is, our qualified professionals will help you make it a reality.


We believe in the power of hard work and professional commitment: when building each new ship, our goal is to make it even better than the previous one.


If you expect precision, fast work and innovative technological solutions for your money, look no further!


We will build anything!

In addition to the production of floating pontoon ships and harbor systems built from modules, our company also undertakes the production of boat hoists and houseboats, floating offices. We also feel at home on dry land when designing and constructing terraces, unique lightweight constructions, and paving exterior spaces.

What we believe in

Constructive approach, flexibility, versatility

If these are also important to you, we are the team you are looking for!

Contact us and we will prove that all is well that ends well.


Individual requests

Nothing is impossible here. Contact us and we will make your creative idea come true!

They said about us…

some reviews from our favorite customers

Our leading specialists

Our professional background is the guarantee that your project will be completed on time and with high quality

company mangement
Viktor Marian

Viktor has been active in the industry for 20 years and is currently responsible for the company's management.

project management
Szilárd Barna

Szilárd helps our partners with more than 10 years of experience as a project manager.

business development
Tamás Balogh

Tamás handles the company's marketing and business development tasks with 15 years of professional experience behind him.


We are waiting for you with a free 3D visual design and consultation in our workshop